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Yeghvard Feed Mill produces high quality compound feed rich in vitamin-mineral concentrates for all types of agricultural animals, which allow achieving high results. Feed formulations are developed taking into account housing conditions of farm animals and poultry and are optimal for use both in industrial production and in private farm households.

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Correct and balanced feed for the farm animals is their health and productivity.

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Cheaper than imported feed, but produced using the same technologies.

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Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring oil-soluble red carotenoid pigment found primarily in aquatic animals.

 In commercial fish and crustacean farms, Astaxanthin is commonly added to feeds in order to make up for the lack of a natural dietary source of red pigment. It also has been found to be important for proper growth and survival.

How It was

Company’s history

Modus Granum
was founded in 1994 and was involved in
the processing of grain crops

The company is the largest
importer of wheat and producer
of flour in Armenia.

Purchase and reconstruction of
“Yeghvard Feed Mill.” Start of production of
compound feed for productive animals.
Capacity of 180,000 tons / year

Installed production line (Germany)
for the production of extruded feed for fish
with a an annual capacity of 40,000 tons.

Launch of an extruded fish feed production line
(Andritz, Denmark) with a capacity of over 60,000
tons / year

Export of products to
neighboring countries.

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