Yeghvard Feed Factory is producing compound feed and vitamin-mineral concentrates (premixes) for all types of agricultural animals, as well as extruded feed for valuable type of fish such as trout and sturgeon. The feed is produced in accordance with technical specifications. Individual parameters can be set according to customer recipes. Feed products  are  balanced with basic nutrient and biologically active substances in accordance with the physiological needs of the organism, rich in vitamin and mineral supplements ( PREMIX ) , trace elements, fats, proteins  and many other essential additives. These kind of feed contributes to the stabilization of the immune system , normal growth and development , provides a low coefficient of food consumption (FCR). Vitamin composition and biologically active substances do not lose their properties in the process of extrusion because of their  thermal stability.

All raw materials are of natural origin without chemical additives. The main ingredients are: wheat, corn, barley, soyabean meal, sunflower meal, fish meal, fish oil, vegetable oil, hemoglobin powder, hydrolized feather meal, meat meal, vegetable protein, minerals, vitamins.

You can order feed on the terms:

  • wholesale and retail
  • packed in 25kg or in bulk
  • granulated and non-granulated