• Production of combined feed, protein-vitamin-mineral supplements, premixes for agricultural and aquaculture animals. Supply of feed ingredients and raw materials.



    • production of a full range of animal feed;
    • production of protein-vitamin-mineral supplements;
    • production of premixes for farm animals, poultry, fish;
    • individual feed production;
    • input of any components according to the customer’s formulation;
    • acceptance, shipment and storage of raw materials and finished products in a specially equipped warehouse;
    • delivery.

    Individual recipes

    We offer compound feed based on standard recipes according to Technical Conditions in accordance with GOST or we develop special-made recipes and feeding programs specifically for consumer farm in accordance with the consumer requirements taking into account all quality and safety criteria. It is also possible to develop therapeutic and preventive feed.

    We provide consulting services for feeding, developing rations and keeping farm animals and poultry.